Thursday, January 17, 2013

A New Year A New Start??

So...this year hasn't exactly started out with the running bang I was hoping. I  was ready to hit the ground running, literally.  Instead I have spent the last few weeks sick and not running.  Although I am hopeful that sometime soon I will remember what it feels like to be healthy and running, right now I just sleep a lot and drink lots of tea. In three weeks, I have only trudged through 10 miles.
What I can say I have gained, while losing fitness, is the realization of just how much love running. I miss it, even more than just feeling better.

I want to start putting my training to the test, getting better, faster and more efficient at racing.  I just want to run, and eat.  I haven't even been hungry.  Man it's like two of my favorite things getting taken off the plate.  Haha see what I did there, and it was unintentional and everything.

Welp, here is to getting better and getting in some milage...and food too.  Cheers

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