Monday, May 27, 2013

Life moves pretty fast....if you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.

It has been a little while...the last few weeks have just flown by with little sign of stopping!  I got a few more photos from the West Rim Trail adventure, courtesy of Vince Camiolo.  They are amazing and I feel so badass when I flip through them.  I absolutely cannot wait to get back up there!!  But, first thing is first--get through the 50 mile race.  June 8th is fast approaching and that means two things: my exam will be over and I will attempting my longest race to date.  I'm a bit nervous for both.

Fueling up at the start
      Recently, the race director made an announcement about a little bit of a change in elevation.  It was originally posted to be around 6,500 ft of gain.  A runner out checking out the course found that one loop had about 5,500, so we will be looking at more like 11,000 ft gain for the 50 miles (this was the original elevation profile).  Hot damn....get ready for some hiking!!  I'm still excited, but am really trying to concentrate on the idea of just finishing and getting all number goals out of my head.  I'll secretly let them roll around until I hopefully hit the finish line. * update, as of this morning the course has been changed yet again...the elevation is now 10,500 with a 15 hour cutoff.  We'll see if this changes again in the next week!!

    Between working full time, studying, and getting in training/shadow hours at the gym, I haven't been putting in as many miles as I had hoped since the WRT; averaging about 40-45 a week.  I wish I had done more hill repeats, but it's a bit late now! My goal it to get a ton of sleep leading up to the race and get as much studying in as possible.  I need to kick this exam's ass...I am so ready for change!!  I am also shopping around for a new GPS watch.  I dig the Timex, but can't upload anything and would like to get elevation.  My Garmin seems to only like road running anymore and loses the signal on trail like it's going out of style.  Ultrarunner problems....

   Anyway, back to the daily grind and off to work.

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