Saturday, July 13, 2013

Back to the Grind.

I loved the 50 mile distance.  I'm thrilled to have finished and felt so good, however that brings up all the other feelings of "I should have pushed harder, moved faster...what could I have done then?"  I tried to push those thoughts from my mind and just concentrate on healing up. I had some tendonititis flare up in my left ankle and right foot and gave myself a full week off to recover.

I kept up with the ice, compression, and elevation. I ended up having to work a 9 day stretch post race, which delayed the healing just slightly, but in the end I came out unscathed.

The following week I jumped in to weight training and designing some cross training workouts to complement my running.  I also dead lifted more than my body weight for the first time, which was kind of cool, and then got back to it!

June 27:     4.22 road to trail, slow and steady.
It was glorious to get back in my shoes and moving!  With no pain--even better!!

June 28:  3.01   hill repeats with a jump rope rest
I am fortunate enough to live by the Manayunk wall, so it is where I head for a good amount of my hill repeats.  It is a 17% grade and will kick you in the guts.  I run up, grab the jump rope for 50 jumps, and head right back down.

June 29:     2.5   Nice and easy
Got the hill repeats out of my legs.

June 30:      8.52  Trail
Got back in the Wiss and on the trails.

Weekly:       18.24  time to get this mileage up!!!

July 1:    2 miles and cross training
8 box jumps                       hi plank-30 sec
10 dips                          30 arm hollers
10 uneven pushups-each side      500m jog
500m jog                         20 walking lunges

July 2:       7.5;    4.25 road to trail,   3 mile hill repeats with jump roping

July 3:      8.02   3.01 road miles-am             5.01 road after work

July 4:      2.6
Way too hot to keep moving

July 6:     8 road fartlek
1 mile easy warm up
5 min. hard finish, the mile easy
1.5 mile easy cool down

July 8:    2 miles (1 warm up, 1 cool down)
30 squats                    10 full push ups            20 tire flips
jump rope                   10 eccentric                weighted walking lunge partner plank               20 v-ups                      superman

-36.5 lb. bulgarian sandbag was weight for squats and lunges

July 9:      15.01      Forbidden Drive and road with stairs.
I won't lie.  My hammies and glutes were in rough shape for this run.  I was breaking in my new kicks (pearl izumi emotion n2)  I felt solid for most of the run and kept my pace around 9-9:15 until I hit the stairs at 13.  Everything sort of went to shit there and I sloooowly made my way home.

July 11:      5.01 road before work.

So there it is....back to it and pretty pumped for the runs, the mileage, and some upcoming races.

Go get some miles.

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