Sunday, February 3, 2013

Another week down...

        A nice finish to the second week of training for the with last week, my metabolic training is not as on point as I was hoping.  With the hr range of 145-155 ( I give myself 145-160 for having a solid base built previously) my peak hr shouldn't be any higher than 160, however, as indicated in the previous weeks' log, it did indeed creep.
        I was better this week, however I picked up a new watch, Garmin Forerunner 110 with hr and didn't realize until after the run that peak hr is not included...not terrible, I'm just going to have to keep a better eye on my wrist during the up hills!  Other than that I love the all in one easy to use watch and am looking forward to more runs with it.  And the 8 hour battery life is certainly nice for race days.

Tuesday 1/29      -   Trail

4.3 miles 

Conditions were super icy and slow.  I would really call it more of a hike/ ice skate adventure with a few bursts of running in between, but fun nonetheless. 

avg. hr-140     max hr-174    min. hr- 91

Wednesday 1/30   -Road and Trail 

6 miles

Nice to get a quick loop in with some trail...I felt good and let myself ignore the max hr and just go, finished at 6:15 pace, and want to make that a weekly progression pace.

avg. hr-148      max. hr-184    min. hr-80

Saturday 2/2   -Road and Trail

6.5 miles

Kept the pace mellow and comfortable, and kept my eye on hr.  Good maf/ aerobic training day.

avg. hr - 138   max hr.-159   min. hr - 52

Sunday 2/3  -Trail

10 miles

Introduced a friend to the wiss for a great morning run.  Snowy and a little slick, but a great morning to get out and enjoy the trails!

avg. hr-140

Total Weekly Mileage: 26.8

Another good week back at it.  Upped the mileage a bit, and certainly feel that always enjoyable quad burn, but at the same time I totally admit I missed it.  Two runs with friends this week, which always makes the miles seem to slip by just a hair faster.  I'm looking forward to keeping it up!

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